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Outdoor Art Gallery

Below you will find the application, theme description and rubric for the Moon Security Inc. Outdoor Gallery, an art opportunity for students attending public high schools in the Pasco School District.

(Pasco HS, Chiawana HS, New Horizons HS and Delta HS)

Call for Art Deadline: May 20th 2024

  • application

  • preliminary sketch (can be drawing, painting, or digital rendering)

Moon Outdoor Gallery.jpg

Moon Security Services Inc. owner Mike Miller is a life long Pasco, WA resident and believes strongly in his downtown community.  With this outdoor gallery, he hopes to lead efforts to beautify his downtown through the arts and to highlight the talent of Pasco residents.  The outdoor gallery will provide opportunity for youth to exhibit their artistic skills while providing six individuals with scholarships in an effort to propel them to colleges, universities, or trade schools.

Sketching your design:

4 ft

8 ft

Before you begin designing the art for submission use a ruler to draw out a 4 inch by 8 inch rectangle in any orientation: portrait or horizontal.  


See below for reference


Now you may begin your design.  If chosen,  you will receive a 4 ft X 8 ft panel to paint at school or at home.  Students must try to keep these dimensions.  

Exception: square shape compositions are allowed as long as they are 4ft by 4ft

Artists will be asked to submit an original sketch or artwork on the second page of the online application found at the bottom of this page.

The theme for the Outdoor Art Gallery

"Finding Harmony in the Unrelated"

Description: What is it about the many different experiences, personalities, individuals, communities, landscapes, that makes us who us are?  

Harmony is defined as an arrangement of many parts.  It is how an endless combination of possible ingredients are used to produce food or artwork that, much like music, has a pleasing effect.

How do people, objects, or experiences come together to create a unifying effect?  Create artwork that speaks to the "Harmony created in those seemingly unrelated things in life"

This call for art is brought to you by:


Proudly Partnering with:


Scoring Rubric

Finding Harmony in the Unrelated” requires a thoughtful and comprehensive approach. Below is a rubric that will be used by the selection committee on various aspects of such artworks:

Criterion 1: Conceptual Integration (20 points)

  • Excellent (16-20 points): The artwork effectively integrates disparate elements or themes, creating a strong sense of harmony and interconnectedness.

  • Good (11-15 points): The integration is noticeable, but some elements may seem disconnected or could be better integrated.

  • Fair (6-10 points): The attempt at integration is present but lacks coherence or clarity.

  • Poor (0-5 points): The artwork fails to integrate unrelated elements or themes effectively.

Criterion 2: Visual Cohesion (20 points)

  • Excellent (16-20 points): The artwork demonstrates a visually cohesive composition, using elements like color, texture, and form to create harmony.

  • Good (11-15 points): The composition is mostly cohesive, but there are some areas where visual harmony could be improved.

  • Fair (6-10 points): The artwork lacks overall visual cohesion, with noticeable inconsistencies in its visual elements.

  • Poor (0-5 points): The artwork's visual elements are disjointed and fail to create any sense of harmony.

Criterion 3: Emotional Impact (15 points)

  • Excellent (12-15 points): The artwork evokes a strong emotional response that relates to the theme of “harmony in the unrelated”.

  • Good (9-11 points): The artwork elicits some emotional response but lacks depth or clarity.

  • Fair (6-8 points): The emotional impact is minimal, and it is challenging to connect it with the theme of harmony.

  • Poor (0-5 points): The artwork does not evoke any emotional response or relevance to the theme.

Criterion 4: Originality and Creativity (20 points)

  • Excellent (16-20 points): The artwork demonstrates a high level of originality and creative thinking in how it approaches the theme of harmony.

  • Good (11-15 points): The artwork is somewhat original, but there is room for more creative exploration.

  • Fair (6-10 points): The artwork lacks significant originality and relies on clichés or common approaches.

  • Poor (0-5 points): The artwork is unoriginal and lacks creativity in addressing the theme.

Criterion 5: Technical Proficiency (15 points)

  • Excellent (12-15 points): The artwork displays a high level of technical skill and craftsmanship.

  • Good (9-11 points): The technical execution is solid but may have minor flaws.

  • Fair (6-8 points): The artwork shows noticeable technical deficiencies that affect its overall quality.

  • Poor (0-5 points): The artwork suffers from significant technical issues that hinder its effectiveness.


Total Score: _____/90

This rubric should help you assess outdoor gallery artworks related to the creation of harmony in seemingly unrelated elements effectively. Adjust the weightings of the criteria to align with your specific goals and preferences for the outdoor gallery exhibition.

Moon Security Services Presents

Mural Competition & Scholarship Opportunity 


Calling all high school-aged artists (grades 9th - 12th) in the Pasco School District with a passion for community engagement and creative expression! We are thrilled to announce the Outdoor Gallery Community Mural Competition & Scholarship Opportunity, a dynamic event aimed at fostering artistic excellence while giving back to our vibrant community.

Theme: “Finding Harmony in the Unrelated”, In a community rich with a range of experiences and perspectives, we invite artists to bring the theme of “Finding Harmony in the Unrelated” to life through their murals. Celebrate the beauty of unity amid differences in our surroundings: objects, natural and inhabited landscapes, our local workforce, etc, and the power in creating a harmonious future together through those differences.

6 finalists will have the opportunity to create large artworks that will be displayed in Pasco's only outdoor gallery.

Deadline to apply: May 20th, 2024

Location of future Outdoor Gallery 

515 W Clark St (West Wall)

Pasco, WA 99301

Finalists will be selected: May 24th, 2024

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